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Do you deliver to the US?

We deliver all our trailers to Calexico, CA. 


What documentation do you hand out?

Title, certificate of origin, invoice and bin number. 


What is your lead time?

It depends on the trailer (size, capacity, extras, etc). It can be anywhere between 8 to 14 weeks


Do you register the trailer at the DMV?

We could, for an additional charge. 


What kind of warranty do you offer?

3 year warranty on all fabrication malfunction.  Disclaimer: In order to apply for a warranty, trailer must be delivered to our shop in Mexicali, Baja.


What do I need to get my trailer going?

We ask for 50% down payment, 50% at delivery. 


What kind of payments formats do you have?

Wire (to our US company) and check. We do recommend wire since it's the fastest and most practical way.


Do you have stock?

Usually..we don't. Sometimes we do build some and we send the offer to all our data base. 


Do you have dealers?

We have 1 dealer: 


Do you build special out of your catalog trailers?

We only build trailers from our catalog.

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