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As our philosophy states: made in Baja, made for Baja, made for you. We know trailers, and we know trailers need to have a perfect balance between strength and style. You want to make sure you are cruising under all safety measurements, because at the end of the day 

it is not the destination, but the journey!                                           


Back in 2002, when we started working for the industry in the region, we saw a big gap in terms of transporting equipment. That’s when we had the vision to build our own trailers. 


Has of now, we are the leaders in the region and we export 90% of our race trailers to the US. Built with the highest quality standards, you can be sure you’ll receive the finest product out there.  Whether you are looking for a UTV sport, a Baja Drive Over Fenders, a Baja Tool Box, or a Baja Deck Over, be sure we can build it. Our wide range of add on’s makes any trailer your trailer, so you can hit the road with one of a kind edition made just for you. 


Give us a call today and find out why VIMETAL Trailers offers the best trailers.



Since our creation, we have set ourselves the highest standards. Knowing the market for years has helped us, as trailer fabricators, to improve our practices day by day.

VIMETAL Trailers, as leaders in the industry has, by far, more knowledge and experience than the competition. With our experience, we offer our consumers innovative and quality products.

In addition, we ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry with the most advanced technology. No matter what you need, you can always be sure of getting the best option.

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